Boxing At Dynamite

Dynamite Boxing Club has something for everyone! New comers, fighters, athletes, men, women, children… boxing is for everyone. Why box?


Top 10 reasons to box:

  1. Boxing Improves Your Cardiovascular Health
  2. Boxing Is Great For Fat Loss
  3. Boxing Is Great Stress Relief
  4. Boxing Teaches Discipline
  5. Boxing Teaches Self Defense
  6. Boxing Is A Fun Way To Get In Shape
  7. Boxing Improves Circulation
  8. Boxing Improves Athletic Performance
  9. Boxing Improves Mental Health
  10. Boxing Improves Overall Physical Fitness


We offer many options:

  • Kids/Youth Classes
  • Adult Recreational Classes
  • Competitive Fight Classes and Sparring
  • Golden Half Hour Training (Perfect for the adults in the golden ages)
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Various sports training and athletic specialty training (hockey, football, lacrosse, ringette, volleyball, soccer, dirt biking and more)

What are you waiting for?