Gym Schedule 

Adult Recreational Classes 

Monday 6PM-7PM, Tuesdays 3PM-7PM (Open Gym), Thursday 3PM 7PM (Open Gym), Saturday 9AM-10AM 

Closed Sundays 

Kids Youth Boxing Classes
Wednesday 5:30PM-6:30PM, Saturday 10:30-11:30AM

Competitive Fight Class (registered fighters)
Wednesday 5:30PM-7PM, Saturday 11:30AM-1PM

Personal Training, Team Sessions & Specialty Training 
Contact us to schedule your sessions

Morning Bag Work Class

Wednesday & Friday Mornings 7am-8am




Looking to bring your team together for something that’s completely out of the box? Get your team pumped up, build confidence and foster trust with our instructor-led team building and group events.

We rent out our facility for corporate teams and private groups, including private access to the facility, locker rooms, and all equipment required. Our instructors will lead your group in a training program suitable for your group’s ability; all you need to do is be ready to have some fun.



Individual and Group Boxing Classes

AGE: All Ages

TIMES: Year Round

COST: $200 + tax per hour for up to 25 people. If you have a bigger group, please contact us for more details.

  • Instructor Lead Group Training
  • Private Access to the Facility, Including Locker Rooms
  • Equipment Rental



Shane Richards; Toronto Argonauts

Training at Dynamite will push you to your limit… that’s why I keep coming back. Training with Shane and his crew is also helping me with professional career because it is helping me keep my competing at a high standard. I have also convinced my family to join classes!

Victor Veira

I have been training faithfully at Dynamite for the past 7 years. It isn’t just a place to workout, you become family here at this club. Shane has created something special at Dynamite, it’s the only place to be. Shane’s mentoring will discipline you. Whatever your goal may be for your athleticism, Shane will create a plan for you. It can be anything from increasing your endurance and footwork for any sport you are competing in, losing weight, to learning the fundamentals of boxing, without having to fight. Shane and his team will create something that is designed to fit your needs. You will be tested mentally and physically and have fun while at the same time! I recommend Shane and his team at Dynamite to anyone looking to test their limits.

Ethan Allan

Shane is one of the best coaches I had, I went from being on the 2nd team for hockey, and this summer I trained with him and now I maid main camp for AA. Thanks again Shane!

Jennifer Darroch

I am so thankful for Coach Shane and Dynamite Boxing. He is a hardass with a heart of gold. I have discovered how amazing it feels when you think you cannot do one more step-up or push-up but you shut out the voice that says “Quit” and keep going. I have never had a chance to feel this before Dynamite Boxing. No judgement, and no matter your fitness level, there is a place for you here.

Najah Abdallah

Shane is the best coach my son has ever had, he knows now to get the most out of you and treats everyone with the same respect, he is awesome with the entire team (team building). Thank you for all you’ve done for my kids and his entire team.

Riker Franczak

Coach Shane is the type of person you want to surround yourself with. His personality, his positivity, and his commitment to you as an individual are just a few of the qualities that make him such a good training and coach. In the gm, on the ice or even just in life, he is there and ready to make you better. He pushes you harder than anyone; cheating in his gym is not an option. You come to work. Without Shane, I would not be where I am, pushing my Jr career. He has been instrumental in the path I have taken so far.